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Universal Credit

Universal credit is a new benefit for people of working age that is slowly being phased in to replace most other benefits. The idea behind universal credit is to pay people all their benefits – including housing benefit/local housing allowance (which are called ‘housing costs’ under universal credit) – in one single monthly payment, in the same way that people in work receive their monthly wage packets or salaries. It is hoped that this will help people get used to budgeting on a monthly basis as they would do if they were in full-time employment and getting paid just once a month.

At the moment, universal credit is only being paid to some claimants – mainly single people making new claims for benefits in some areas of the country – but gradually over the coming years it will be phased in for most people of working age who are claiming in and out of work benefits. Not all benefits are being replaced by universal credit, so to check how it may affect you, go to the Gov.uk website.

For more general information on benefits, go to: www.gov.uk/browse/benefits

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