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Annalisse’s story

Annalisse’s digital story- part of Shelter Cymru’s Tip Top project. Annalisse’s experience includes coping with bereavement, homelessness and budgetting.

Sam’s story

Sam’s digital story- part of Shelter Cymru’s Tip Top project. Sam’s experience includes relationship breakdown, job loss and health issues.

Dan’s story

Dan’s digital story- part of Shelter Cymru’s Tip Top project. Dan’s experience includes mental health issues, homelessness, budgetting and volunteering.


A group of young people from Beidgend present a story on homelessness based on their own experiences as part of the Tip Top project.

Ice Cream (For Homelessness) from Fixers UK. Tom Simpson from Stoke presenting his short film about ‘sofa surfing’ as the new hidden homelessness.


Out of My Hands from Fixers UK. A short clip about homelessness created by young people at Bron Afon, lead by Suzy Sorby.


ITV News Cymru Wales Homelessness story from Fixers UK. Fixer Suzy Sorby and her group from Torfaen want people in their community to realise that there are complex reasons behind a person becoming homeless and living on the streets. Suzy’s story was featured on ITV News Cymru Wales on 9th May 2013.