Teaching and Learning

11-25 years

Housemate Pack

An educational resource for use with secondary school age children. Various activity sheets and information on topics around Housing and Homelessness. Curriculum references included with a key referring teachers/professionals to the the relevant worksheets according to the key stage. Download the pack.

Accreditation – Raising young people’s awareness of Housing Matters (Level 2)

A level 2 accredited unit on Housing and Homelessness developed by Shelter Cymru to help develop young people’s knowledge and skills on topics such as: homelessness, housing options, their rights and the legislation in Wales, tenancy agreements and budgeting for a home. Go to Housemate Accreditation for more information on the pilot of this project, feedback and how to access this course.

Right Track Pack

A Youth Worker’s guide to Housing and Homelessness- Updated and relaunched in February 2013 the Right Track provides the basic information around Housing in relation to young people. The pack includes: Housing options, Young People Rights and Responsibilities applying for properties and as tenants and also Benefit entitlements including differences for specific groups. Download the Right Track Pack.

Peer Learning Starter Pack

Information, guidelines and templates for organisations looking at developing their own Peer Education Project based on Shelter Cymru’s experience in developing and delivering such projects. Download the Peer Learning Starter Pack.

Using Housemate in DofE guidelines

These guidelines have been developed to assist those delivering the DofE Award to include the Housemate pack and resources as part of a life skills programme in the skills section. The Education and Youth officer is available to assist in the development of an individual organisations programme. Download the Incorporating Housemate guidlines.