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We have recently completed an additional financial activity unit, to be embedded within the Housemate pack.   Click here for more information. Note: Further updates to the Housemate pack will follow shortly.

Housemate is an awareness-raising resource for use with young people aged 11-18. The overall aim of the pack is to reduce future homelessness and housing need among young people. It introduces various aspects of housing and homelessness:

  • looking at perceptions and stereotypes
  • exploring independent living
  • nurturing a community spirit
  • knowing where to refer for support if ever faced with homelessness.

This is achieved through a series of activities and exercises.

Housemate can be used in a variety of settings: formal and informal learning in schools and colleges, as well as youth clubs, religious groups for young people, voluntary groups, etc. Download the Housemate introduction page below to see how the resource links into different subjects and frameworks.

Other relevant resources
Leaving home information and some elements of the Housemate pack are strongly linked to financial education. Click here for information on resources you can use to further educate young people about financial issues.

The BBC’s PS website has a section on ‘landlord problems’, which includes two short films and accompanying classroom activities.