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Ask yourself these questions

So what’s good about living at home? And what’s not so good?
The Housemate pack (link to Housemate pack Section 3) has activities that will make you think about reasons for leaving home….and maybe some reasons for staying put for a while!
You may be desperate to leave home but there are loads of things to think about before you do. It’s worth spending a bit of time planning and making sure you are ready for this big step in your life. If you don’t you may end up regretting it.
In some cases, young people don’t have a choice but to leave home in a hurry. However, if you are not forced to leave, spend some time asking yourself the following questions:

  • Do I know how to find somewhere to live?
  • Am I up for doing my own washing and ironing?
  • Can I name five people I will be able to keep in touch with after I leave home?
  • Have I got enough money for a deposit and the first month’s rent?
  • Do I know how to claim benefits if I need help to pay the rent?
  • Do I know what furniture I will need to get?
  • Would I move to an area away from my friends and family?
  • Will I know where to get help or support if I need it?
  • If I have a pet would a landlord let me keep it?
  • How much rent can I afford?
  • After the rent how much will I have to pay for food, gas, electricity, phone, TV licence fee, and Council tax?
  • How much money will I have to spend on furniture, TV, cookers etc?
  • Would I want to live alone or share with others?
  • Who will do the cooking?

Is there anything else you can think you would need to sort out?

There’s a lot to think about. Why don’t you ask friends who have already left home for some advice? Talking to your family, or going to an advice centre before you leave can also help.

You may decide that leaving is not your only option. Maybe, with some help you can sort things out with your parents. Go to Local to Me for information on youth support services available in your area.

For more advice and support, click here to visit the relevant Shelter Cymru Advice online page.

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