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Supported Housing

You may find yourself in a situation where you need more than just a roof over your head. You may need support, either for a short period, or for a longer time to help with things like:

  • claiming benefits
  • looking after your money
  • tenancy issues
  • health matters
  • education/training/employment
  • learning how to live independently

Most councils and housing associations run supported housing projects. These might be blocks of flats that are especially for young people where support workers are based and are on hand to work with the young people.

“Floating support” might also be available. This is where you live in your own house or flat, provided by a council, housing association or private landlord and a support worker comes to visit you.


Foyers provide temporary supported accommodation for young single homeless people, aged between 16 – 25, who want to carry on with education, training, volunteering or employment opportunities and want to learn how to live independently. Foyers aim to help you identify areas you wish to improve as part of your own personal development.

Supported lodgings

Supported lodging schemes put people who need accommodation in touch with people who have a room to rent out. They are usually run by the Council and can be cheaper than a hostel.

Some householders also provide meals as part of the rent. Supported lodgings are a good stop-off before you are ready to move into your own place, but the time you can stay in supported lodgings varies depending on how long the room is available or how well you get on with the owners.

Staff from the supported lodgings scheme keep in touch with you throughout your stay to help sort out benefits or any problems and help find a permanent place to live. To find your nearest supported lodgings scheme your local council.

For more advice and support, click here to visit the relevant Shelter Cymru Advice online page.

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