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Student Accommodation

Most colleges and universities have halls of residence. Students in halls of residence normally get a single room and share cooking, bathroom and toilet facilities with other students. Some halls provide meals and bed linen, but the majority they are self-catering. Most first year students are offered a place in halls before they start their course. If this happens you should read any paperwork you receive and return it completed and on time.

Students are not usually allowed to stay in halls of residence for their whole course so you will need to check out other options at a later date. Rent in halls of residence is often a little cheaper than private rented housing and the conditions are usually a lot better. Most students cannot claim housing benefit.

Most halls of residence are owned by the college or university, but some are managed by private companies. If this is the case the college or university may still make the decision about who gets accommodation but the company is the landlord. It is responsible for collecting the rent and managing services such as cleaning and repair.

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