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Council Housing

Council housing tends to be the cheapest accommodation and is the most secure. Someone wanting a council house or flat has to make an application to the waiting list, which can be very long. This is often known as the ‘housing register’. If you put your name on the Council waiting list you may get offered a council or housing association property as the two often work together and have joint housing registers.

Anyone aged 16 or over can apply for council housing; you do not even have to be living in the area, although you may get more priority if you have a local connection. Once someone has applied though they may be told they will not be allowed on the waiting list. There are only very limited reasons why a council can refuse to put someone on their list, such as:

  • They are an asylum seeker or other person from abroad who is not eligible for council housing
  • They are a UK citizen but have been living abroad for a lengthy period
  • They have been guilty of unacceptable behaviour that makes them unsuitable to be a council tenant. This could be anything that would mean that if they were a council tenant, the council would be able to take them to court and get an outright possession order to evict them, such as serious rent arrears, anti-social behaviour and some criminal offences

If you are told you are not allowed on the waiting list or are not allowed to apply, get some advice from Shelter Cymru.

Applying for council housing is very much like applying to a housing association and the waiting lists are very similar.

Remember, if have applied for housing and your circumstances change in any way, you should let the Council/Housing Association know as it may affect the number of points you have on the waiting list. They may want to reassess your application. Many councils and housing associations write to all the people on their waiting lists every year or two and ask them if they still want to be on the list for housing. If they do not receive a reply the applicant’s name is often taken off the list, so make sure you keep an eye out for any letters from the council or housing association and let them know if you still want to be considered for housing.

For more advice and support, click here to visit the relevant Shelter Cymru Advice online page.

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