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Being in Danger at Home

Domestic violence or Abuse

You may be afraid to go home, because you feel unsafe or you may be in danger. The first priority is your personal safety; you must be careful not to put yourself in a position of danger. If you are in immediate danger or have been abused you should either report it to the Police or get in touch with an appropriate organisation. If you are at risk of violence or abuse at home and wish to leave you can ask for help from your Local Authority (Council) or voluntary groups.

You can find links to help groups and organisations via our Links Page.

Violence from other People

If you are having problems caused by someone living in your area you should take advice before taking any action. There may be a number of ways to solve the problem, but don’t ever put yourself in danger. If the violent person lives in rented accommodation, you could consider telling his/her landlord. They may decide to take action against them.

If the violent person owns their own home, you can bring legal action against them. This can be complicated and expensive though. Get advice before you do anything.

Leaving in a Hurry

In some situations, you may have no alternative but to leave in a hurry. This can happen with domestic violence or abuse, harassment from a landlord or splitting up with a partner. If you have to leave in a hurry, you should try and take some essential items with you:

  • A change of clothes
  • Toiletries and any medication you take regularly
  • Important documents, such as passport, credit cards and legal papers

For more advice and support, click here to visit the relevant Shelter Cymru Advice online page.

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