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Council Tax Reduction

Council tax is the local tax most people have to pay on top of their rent.

Most people over 18 years old have to pay council tax. Full time students don’t have to pay, unless they live with someone who isn’t a student. Sometimes the owner of the property is responsible for paying the council tax rather than the people who live there – for example, in houses of multiple occupation where all the tenants pay rent, but no-one is responsible for paying all of the rent. Discounts are available for certain groups of people, including people living alone who get a discount of 25%.

People on benefits or a low wage can apply for council tax reduction. The amount of council tax reduction you get depends on how much money you have coming in, your savings and your circumstances (such as age, size of your family, whether you or any of your family are disabled, and whether anyone who lives with you could help with the rent).

For more advice and support, click here to visit the relevant Shelter Cymru Advice online page.

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