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The First Thing

Maybe you have nowhere to sleep tonight. Even in this situation you can get help. Even if it is four o’clock in the afternoon and it’s Friday, there is often emergency accommodation available.

The first thing you can try if you have nowhere to stay tonight is to find out if you can stay with friends or family until you can sort things out. This can be the best option as you’ll be staying with people you know and having a roof over your head is a lot better than sleeping rough. If they can’t help then look at the options below.

Help from the council
Start with the council housing department. They may have a responsibility to provide you with accommodation. If their offices are shut they should have an emergency service. Most councils have an out of hours telephone number that you can ring. They can book someone into accommodation quickly. You can get the number by ringing the council’s main number or the police. Having someone make the call for you may prevent you from being fobbed off.

Telephone helplines
It is always worth getting advice. Many advice centres have telephone helplines. Or you can ring Shelter Cymru on 0845 075 5005 for free and confidential advice.

Online information
The Shelter Cymru website has more online information about how homeless people can get help in Wales. The situation in Scotland, England and Northern Ireland is similar but there are some differences. Go to the Shelter website if you are not living in Wales.