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Hostels / Nightshelters

Some hostels will take people immediately if they have a vacancy but others won’t. It’s always better to ring first as they may be full. Housing aid centres, Shelter Cymru’s Support and Advice number, or Citizens Advice will be able to tell you about hostels in your area.

You will probably have to share a room. Many hostels provide meals but you will probably have to pay for them. Some have curfews and/or close during the day.

Apart from a few emergency nightshelters, hostels charge rent. This can be high and they will expect you to claim housing benefit if you don’t have any money. Hostel staff will help you with this.

Women’s refuges
If a young woman has left home because of violence or threats of violence a women’s refuge can provide a safe place to stay. They are usually ordinary houses shared by women and children. Male visitors are not usually allowed. The addresses of refuges are kept secret to protect residents. To contact a refuge in your area see the Women’s Aid website or ring Women’s Aid. An advice centre or directory enquiries will be able to tell you the telephone number in your area.